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Meet The Team

Emily NEUGARTEN considers herself a "storyteller". Her clients hire her to write their biographies, but instead of paper, she uses interior design and volumes. Instead of words, she uses materials, art and architectural elements. All this makes each project unique and personal.

“The one thing you can never get enough of is nature. That's why the use of natural materials and colors is a leitmotif in my approach to interior design.”

Emily NeugartenFounder & Interior Designer
Founder & Interior Designer

Emily Neugarten

Emily Neugarten is the founder and lead interior designer at Emily Neugarten Interior Design, established in 2005. With a Belgian nationality and a background in design from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Emily brings a diverse perspective to her work.

Having completed over 30 successful projects, Emily’s expertise spans both residential and commercial interior design. Based in Monaco, her studio showcases a portfolio of elegant and functional contemporary spaces crafted for clients worldwide. Additionally, Emily serves as an agent at Degré 12, specializing in custom wine cellars and cabinets since 2014.

Interior Designer

Manon Jeanmougin

Manon Jeanmougin is an interior designer at Emily Neugarten Interior Design since 2019. With experience in interior design both in France and the United States, Manon holds a degree from ESAIL – Jean Cottin, a renowned School of Architecture in Lyon.

Working on residential and commercial projects in Monaco and beyond, Manon’s design contributions embody a harmonious balance of aesthetics and functionality. Her keen attention to detail and commitment to client satisfaction make her an essential part of the team, shaping inspiring interiors that resonate with clients’ preferences and lifestyles.

Interior Designer

Kristell Tanbeh

Kristell Tanbeh, an accomplished interior designer, holds a Master’s from the Royal College of Art and a Bachelor’s from Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts. Kristell has worked as an Interior Designer in Monaco and an Interior Architect in Beirut, with prior internships in Lebanon, showcasing her extensive experience and expertise in the field.


Maximize spaces with precise technical drawings.

Ensuring seamless integration of form and function in every corner.


Exceed expectations with bespoke woodwork.

Delivering masterfully handcrafted pieces that epitomize elegance and sophistication.


Curate inspiring furniture and materials.

Sourcing unique and captivating pieces that breathe life into any room.


Preview designs using cutting-edge 3D technology.

Advanced high-quality renders that enable anyone to visualize their new space.


Contemporary Interior Design

With an innate ability to balance simplicity and sophistication, Emily Neugarten's approach to contemporary interior design creates spaces that are both visually appealing and practical.

Her design philosophy embraces open layouts, neutral color palettes, and a curated selection of furnishings that exude timeless charm.